The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Regional Training Academy has two principle sections: The Basic Training Section and the Advanced Training Section.


BASIC TRAINING SECTION: The Basic Training Section works to ensure that the Sheriff’s Department crafts deputies who have the skills and knowledge necessary for today’s professional law enforcement officer.  To accomplish this, the Basic Academy’s training program subjects our cadets, over several months, to a series of rigorous mental, physical, academic and emotional challenges.  These challenges combine with a Sheriff’s Cadet’s life experiences in the private sector, academia, or military and create a deputy who is not only a professional law enforcement officer but one who is a part of the community. 

The Basic Training Section’s goal is to imbue the cadet with the ethos that, no matter where they come from, they are part of, and not apart from, the community they serve. 

ADVANCED TRAINING SECTION: The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Regional Academy is a 23 week academy and is not a live-in academy.  During the Academy, you will receive over 1000 hrs of training and you can also receive 32 credit hours through Central Community College of New Mexico. The Academy is on a four day/ten hour schedule and adjusts to five day/eight hour schedule for specialty training such as driving, firearms, and defensive tactics.

After the Academy you will be assigned to the Field Services Division with a Field Training Officer to further your training.

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