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The Sheriff is required to serve all judicial process in the manner prescribed by law. The courts provided information guides for most types of process service and enforcement actions to better inform you of our policies and procedures. However, please be aware that only an attorney is allowed to give legal advice, not the Sheriff.


Deputies Assigned to Civil Process are on duty

Monday - Friday

7:00 am - 3:00 pm


Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department only serves documents in Bernalillo County. If you have a document that needs to be served in a different county, please contact the appropriate county's Sheriff's Department.  


As of July 1, 2008, the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department requires advance payment of $40 for service of process. This fee is non-refundable. Make checks payable to the "Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department." If you have an order for waiver of service fees issued by District or Metropolitan Court, enclose it with your process.


Since the Sheriff's Department cannot give me legal advice, how do I get help with my legal problem?

The Sheriff's Department can not provide legal advice. If  you need information regarding the eviction procedure or other legal problem, you should contact an attorney, local bar association, lawyers referral service, legal aid organization, research the information at the public library or you can purchase a reference book from a book store.   

Has my civil paper been served yet?

How soon will my civil paper be served?

The first attempt for service for most documents takes place within the first 48 hours.

Under what circumstances can I get a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Issued?

Where do I get a Restraining Order?

Commonly issued restraining orders prohibit domestic violence or civil harassment. Restraining orders must be issued by the  District Court. Restraining order forms are available from the District Court located at 400 Lomas NW, 2nd floor Room 274.

Once the court issues the restraining order, two copies should be delivered to the Sheriff's Judicial Operations Division office. One copy will be submitted to the Department's Warrants Division for input into the system. The Sheriff's Department will also attempt service of the second copy for you if you so request.

How can I evict a tenant?

Evictions can only occur after a landlord has received a judgment from the court and a writ of restitution has been served or posted on the property. The purpose of a writ of restitution is to place with the rightful party restitution of real property. Writs of restitution usually arise as a result of a tenant's non-payment of rent or a breach of the rental or lease agreement.

After the process has been brought to the Sheriff's Department with the appropriate fee of $40, you or your appointed agent will receive a telephone call to inform you of the exact time the Deputy Sheriff will meet with you at the property.

If you have any information regarding the occupants of these premises related to mental instability, history of or significant propensity for violence or hostile confrontation with law enforcement, please telephone the Judicial Operations Division office.

On the day of the eviction you must change the locks at the residence while the Deputy Sheriff stands by for a reasonable time for this purpose. The landlord must provide access to the property in order to complete the eviction process. Due to scheduling constraints, some delay may occur in the deputies arrival and the deputies may not necessarily be able to stand by for extended times.

If the occupants vacate the property prior to the eviction date, please call the office directly. (505) 468-7140  

As an evicted tenant can the Sheriff's Department grant me access to a property after eviction?

The Sheriff's Department cannot grant any access to a property after the eviction has taken place. After the eviction the Sheriff's Department releases the property to the landlord. All arrangements to retrieve property must be made between former tenant and landlord.

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