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Who may I contact for more information?

For an expedited response, email a recruiter: Deputy J. Garcia or Deputy A. Maltby

Recruiting department job line: (505) 804-0000 or (505) 804-0004

Mailing address:

Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department

Attn: Recruiting Unit

415 Tijeras NW

Albuquerque, NM 87102   

Are you currently hiring/testing?

Yes, we are currently hiring and testing for entry-level Deputy Sheriffs.

Who do I contact to change my personal information?

If you are assigned a background investigator, contact them directly.  Otherwise, contact the Sheriff Department recruiters by phone or email.

What are the minimum requirements?

Deputy Sheriff Patrol:

U.S. citizen or resident  

21 years of age at time of graduation (there is no maximum age limit)

U.S. High School graduate or G.E.D.

No felony convictions. No domestic violence. No felony drug use or DWI’s in past 5 years. No Misdemeanor drug use in the previous three years.

Misdemeanor s may be disqualifying depending on the number, type of violation, and date of the violation.

Vision: 20/100 uncorrected, corrected to at least 20/30.

Valid New Mexico Driver’s License prior to graduation. Valid photo ID to take the written exam


How do I register for the exam?

Submit an online application as well as complete and submit PIQ,PHS and Pre-questionnaire. Once you submit your request forms, they will be reviewed by a recruiter and you will be contacted via email whether you can sign up for a test date.  

What does the written exam entail?

There are two written examinations, the Nelson Denny reading test and the Law Enforcement Selection Inventory, which includes the following sections:

Reading Comprehension



Sentence Structure

The Sheriff's Department initial exam does not include a written essay.

What should I study for the written test?

The public library, Internet or local bookstores should have literature on GED, ACT, or SAT. Concentrate on improving your reading comprehension, which is a major factor in the written exam. Read each question slowly. Choose the best possible answer. There are no trick questions on the written exam. You should try and answer every question because those questions left blank will be marked wrong. Take your time.

Where do I go for the written examination?

The written exam is offered one time a month at BCSD Academy located at 415 Tijeras NW 3rd Floor.


If I take the exam and fail, when can I retake the exam?

You may retake the exam one time within the testing process.

If I have my DD214, when do I turn it in?

To the Sheriff’s Department recruiters after passing the written exams and PT Assessment

Do Veteran's Preference Points help me?

No, they do not.


How long does it take to get my test results?

We grade the exams after you finish and turn them in.


What is included in the hiring process?

STEP 1    Written Exam

STEP 2    Physical Agilities Test

STEP 3    Comprehensive Background Investigation

STEP 4    Oral Board

STEP 5    Polygraph

STEP 6    Psychological Evaluation

STEP 7    Medical Exam

STEP 8    Sheriff’s Selection

What is the hiring process if I live out of the county or state?

Essentially, you will need to visit Albuquerque on two different occasions:

FIRST VISIT: You will have to complete the written exam and physical agility test for Deputy Sheriff.

SECOND VISIT: You will have an oral board, polygraph, psychological exam and medical exam all done within a week timeframe.

I am currently on active duty in the military, how should I start the process?

You should take the written test when you have a few months or less left to serve in the military. If you are stationed out of the area or state, you will need to follow the instructions in the FAQ What is the hiring process if I live out of the county or state? Unfortunately, there are no special testing procedures if you live out of the country.


What does the Physical Agility Test entail?

Completion of the Physical Agility Test is required for the position of Deputy Sheriff. This test is conducted at the beginning of the hiring process. The physical agility test consists of five separate events which are all timed events.


PUSH-UPS-  29/min


SIT-UPS-  31/min



1.5 MILE RUN- 15:20


300 METER SPRINT-  65.4 seconds

If I have questions about my background and would like to speak to someone, who can I contact?

You may call the Recruiting Unit at 505-804-0000 and 505-804-0004.

I'm in the military and I have top security clearance, can this speed up my hiring process?

No, our Background Detectives will still have to conduct a full background check.


I'm a peace officer/have a current and valid POST certification and have worked for an agency for at least 12 months, where do I begin my process?

You will complete the entire application process and upon being hired by the Sheriff will be placed on FTO.


I'm a peace officer from another state, how do I begin my process?  First, you would need to contact New Mexico DPS to see if you qualify for a waiver?

If NMDPS approves your law enforcement certification and training hours, you will have to pass the NMDPS Cert by Waiver course to be hired as a lateral.

If I work state corrections and I have a corrections certificate, do I qualify for the lateral position?

No, you need the law enforcement certification.


What is the starting salary?

$17.75 while in the academy as a cadet

$20.75 for 12 months beginning when you graduate from academy

$25.03 after 12 month probationary period

What benefits does the department offer?

Paid vacation

Paid sick leave

Shift differential pay

Academic incentive pay

Specialty and hazardous duty pay

Parental leave

25 year retirement

Take home vehicles

GI Bill accepted for Academy


Do you have to go through an academy?

All candidates applying will attend an academy.

Who pays for me attending the academy, the department or myself?

Upon successful completion of the hiring process, the department will pay for the academy.  Also, on your first day at the academy, your salary and benefits begin.


Where is the academy located?

The academy for Deputy Sheriff are located on the northeast corner of 5th Street and Tijeras, Albuquerque.

Regional Training Facility

415 Tijeras Road

Albuquerque, NM 87102

How long will I have to attend the academy?

The Deputy Sheriff’s Academy is 6 months (23 weeks).  

Do you live at the academy?

No, you do not live at the academy.


What is the basic schedule while attending the academy?

The basic schedule is 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Four 10-hour days usually with some nights and Five 8-hour weeks for certain training).

Will I be paid and receive benefits while attending the academy?

Yes, pay and benefits begin on your first day at the academy.




Frequently Asked Questions

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