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Metro Air Support


Larry Koren / Pilot


Chuck Tuberville

Ian Day

Aircraft Technician

Mission Statement

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Metropolitan Air Support Unit provides aerial assistance to all Law Enforcement and Fire agencies in need of the Units specific capabilities and equipment. All members of this unit are volunteers, and will faithfully and aggressively uphold the Department’s belief in “Service through Commitment, Honor and Courage”.

Unit personnel will employ advanced tactics in the apprehension of criminals and provide the halo of aerial protection to

the men and women performing the law enforcement mission.

The high standard of training and cutting edge response of the Air Support Unit are a reflection of the commitment

we have as a Department in protecting the citizens we serve.

We will respond in conditions which others may not be able, and will render assistance and aid.

We will provide rescue to those in need.

We stand ready to provide a highly motivated team to answer the call for help.

We are professionals, and our presence in the community helps provide a sense of safety and well being to those we serve.

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