Candidates must pass these physical requirements:

1.5 Mile Run 15:20

Push-Ups 29 repetitions/min

Sit-Ups 31 repetitions/min

300 Meter 65.4 sec

llinois Agility Run 18 sec


Hands are on the ground shoulder width apart. Start with arms fully extended, and the back in a straight line from the ankles to the shoulder. The back must remain in this position throughout. The applicant then lowers the body until both elbows are in a straight line with the shoulder blades. The push-up is complete when the applicant returns to the full up position.


Start by lying on the back, knees bent, heels flat on the ground, the heel of the hand must not pass the ears. A partner will hold the feet down firmly. To start the shoulder blades must touch the ground, the up position is attained when the elbows touch or pass the knees and the sit up is complete when the shoulder blades return to the ground.

Anaerobic Power

The anaerobic power test is a 300 meter sprint.

The aerobic power test is a 1.5-mile run on a 1/4-mile track

Agility Run

Starting the prone position the applicant will come to a sprint for 10 yards do a 180 degree turn and sprint back 10 yards. Once back at the starting position the applicant will again turn and now weave the four cones in a figure eight pattern down and back until they have reached the first cone again.  The final part of the course is another 10 yard sprint a 180 degree turn and a 10 yard sprint back across the start finish line.

Physical Requirements

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