Must have reached 21st birthday prior to the graduation from the academy.

Must be a U.S. citizen

Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Vision must be equal to or better than 20/100 and corrected to 20/30.


Must have one year as a certified Law Enforcement Officer

Cannot have more than 90 Days separation from your last Agency assignment.

Out of State: Must pass NMDPS Certification by Waiver upon being hired.


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE- Any convictions of domestic violence

DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED- Any conviction for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs within the last three (3) years

BAD DRIVING HISTORY- A noticeable pattern of traffic citations, arrests, and/or convictions within the last three (3) years. These include, but are not limited to: red light violations, stop sign violations, speeding, reckless driving, careless driving, etc..

NO DRIVER’S LICENSE- Applicants must possess a valid driver's license. Out of state applicants must obtain a New Mexico driver's license within thirty (30) days of being hired.

ILLIGAL DRUG USAGE- Any illegal drug use or possession within the last three (3) years or five (5) years for hard drugs, as well as any noticeable pattern of illegal drug use

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY- Any indication of a pattern of unsatisfactory employment history

FINANCIAL HISTORY- Any history of chronic or recurring financial problems indicating an unwillingness or inability to live within his or her own financial means (filing of bankruptcy alone is NOT a disqualification)

UNTRUTHFULNESS- Any deliberate misstatement of facts and intentional or unintentional omission of facts, during any part of the selection process.

CHARACTER & PERSONAL INTEGRITY- Any act(s) in an applicant's background that would indicate a lack of character or personal integrity on the part of the applicant

CRIMINAL HISTORY- Any felony conviction or entering into a pre-prosecution diversion program. Any conviction for charges relating to aggravated assault, theft, controlled substances or moral turpitude

MILITARY SERVICE- Dishonorable discharge

PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION- Failure of a law enforcement psychological evaluation within the last year.

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